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Event Lighting
MMEink offers a wide range of event planning and management services. Including the ability to handle all of your lighting needs for your next corporate.
Event Lighting
Event Lighting

Event Lighting Services

One of the ways to successfully impact the look of your event is with the right lighting design. This plays a significant role in the way your event looks and feels as your guests arrive. MMEink has the ability to turn your event from ordinary to extraordinary. We provide a large assortment of lighting services to choose from. We are Miami's best resource for wireless LED Lighting, Intelligent Lighting, Pin Lighting, Gobo Lighting and more. We can deliver a message to your guests by setting the desired ambiance using a combination of both LED and conventional lighting methods.

Ambient Lighting Services

MMEink specializes in providing lighting services for the Miami Beach area. We have a vast array of lighting services to choose from. Our services range from LED Up lighting to conventional Par Can Lighting. Our team of lighting designers will help you select the best choice in lighting services based on your events specifications.

An example of our Ambient Lighting talents that can truly make your event space atmospheric

Branded Gobo Projection

Customize your event with our branded lighting accents. We provide lighting services that have the ability to display your companies name or logo at an event. Perfect for product launches, networking parties, and corporate events, we can turn any space into a custom space in the matter of minutes with one of our branded projections.

Intelligent Lighting

Perhaps one of the most versatile lighting options offered to our clients are our intelligent lighting services. Perfect for both meetings and events, our intelligent lighting can provide for a variety of event functions. It can act as Wash Lighting, Gobo Projection, Moving Patterns, and much more.

Intelligent lighting options at New York City's Capitale brought this event to new heights

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Miami Event Lighting Colorful, layered lighting design wraps interior of popular Florida event Outdoor poolside lighting design masterfully crafted to provide smooth atmospheric presence at event


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